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Power-Brakes "The Game Changer"

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Power Brakes - The Game Changer™


* 2 Game Changer brackets
* 2- 30# motors
* 1 wiring kit
* 1 foot switch

We recommend mounting to the jack plate and you will need a separate mounting bracket for that. We have mounting brackets or you can build your own or use a Power Pole mounting bracket. No jack plate, no problem !  We have non-jack plate brackets to chose from as well.

Each model of boat and jack plate is a little different but we think we have one that will fit most applications, if not we will custom build what you need. After you place your order I will contact you and discuss your needs on the mounting brackets. 


The power-Brakes Game Changer has a 2 year warranty. If you have a problem just give us a call and we will fix it! Now if you hit a stump or leave them down and take off you will break them, that is not covered under the warranty. We stand behind our product and will do our best to keep you fishing! Once you fish with Power-Brakes you won't want to fish without them!